All About Pumpkins

It’s October, and fall has officially begun! It’s a fall tradition to trudge out into a pumpkin patch, brushing through the dirt to pick your perfect pumpkin. This week the Liv Avenida Blog has several tips for picking pumpkins and a few pumpkin decorating tips for you to use and enjoy. We hope that you get the chance to visit your local pumpkin patch this month!


First, of course, you have to find a pumpkin patch. Fortunately, there are several pumpkin patches in the Chandler, AZ area. Vertuccio Farms’ Fall Festival begins on October 1st and includes a pumpkin patch (of course), a corn maze, a mini hay maze, and duck races. Schnepf Farms hosts a Pumpkin & Chili Party which features several activities including a corn maze, bonfires, and fireworks. Either of these farms would be a great place to go to pick your perfect pumpkin this fall.


When picking your perfect pumpkin, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. First, make sure that your pumpkin is the right shape and size for whatever you’re carving. If you plan on recreating a character or other figure, make sure your pumpkin fits your vision. Also make sure that your pumpkin fits your purpose. The pumpkin you pick might be great for carving, but it might not be suited for making pies or cakes. All About Pumpkins has a guide to the different types of pumpkins you can buy and their purposes.


Next comes the business of decorating your pumpkin. Pumpkin carving is traditional, and there are all sorts of patterns and characters for you to draw inspiration from. People have done everything— they’ve carved realistic faces into their pumpkins, recreated their favorite scenes from movies, and creating abstract art with their pumpkins. Good Housekeeping and Better Homes and Gardens have a few different pumpkin carving and decorating ideas on their sites. We love the idea of painting instead of carving your pumpkin this fall.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed our list of tips! Where are your favorite places to pick pumpkins? Did we miss any of the pumpkin patches in the area? How are you planning on decorating your pumpkin this fall? Leave us a comment and let us know! Thanks for reading!