Baby Safety Month Reminders

September is Baby Safety Month! Whether you have a baby or not, being aware of essential baby safety care is important in case any emergencies arise and you’re there to help. Today the Liv Avenida Blog is offering a few baby safety pointers for our residents to keep in mind, whether they’re relaxing in their apartment with a young one or heading out into Chandler, AZ for a fun time with your friends and family.


Register baby gear.

Baby Safety Month is sponsored by The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, so it makes sense that one big push of this month long holiday is for increasing awareness of safety issues surrounding baby products. Register the products you use, or help anyone you know who uses baby gear with doing so. This helps manufacturers manage recalls and prevent accidents that can come from old or broken products. Whether you fill out the card that comes with the product or do so online, sending in your information ensures that you’ll be notified if a product you’re using has any issues.


Childproof your apartment.

You may not have to do extensive childproofing if you don’t have a baby regularly in your home, but being mindful of any accommodations you should make for baby safety will do a lot to keep your home safe. Keep cords tucked away or out of sight, use outlet plugs, and try out foam furniture corner covers to prevent bumps and bruises. Remember these 9 overlooked safety hazards in your home so your home stays a great environment for little ones.


Stay aware.

If you’ve ever been in charge of any children while you’re out and about, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of all the little ones! Keep an eye on them and, if possible, recruit help from someone you trust to be your support system and offer a helping hand. If your child is prone to wander, write your name and phone number on their wrist with a marker, or have them wear a bracelet with this information.


Learn emergency procedures.

Accidents happen, sometimes no matter our efforts to prevent them. Have a plan in mind for what you’ll do if they do. Keep emergency numbers (for example, for poison control and your physician) readily available and brush up on basic infant first-aid. Hopefully you won’t need these skills, but if you ever do, you’ll be glad you took the time to learn them.


What other important baby safety tips do you think we should remember? Leave a comment with your suggestions so we can all stay more educated and better prepared. Thanks for reading!