Basics for Everyone to Include in Their Wardrobe


Welcome back to the Liv Avenida Blog! Last week we pointed out items in your home that you should get rid of. We mentioned the importance of clearing old clothes from your closet. Today, we want to delve deeper into that issue and point out some tips for keeping your wardrobe up-to-date and full of clothes you’ll wear, in or out of your apartment in Chandler, AZ.


The Mindset

Before you start donating everything in sight, approach the task of organizing your closet with the right mindset. Let yourself become ok with getting rid of items by realizing that it’s ok to rotate items in your closet out that you no longer love or fit into. It’ll be easier on your budget to do this if you thrift shop, if you choose low-cost (ethically made) items, and if you invest in basics that can be worn in a variety of situations and seasons. Then get rid of everything else!


Evergreen Pieces

Classic pieces like jeans, a leather jacket, and white sneakers are always in style. Different prints, cuts, and accessories are things that change with the trends. Look for staples like nice tees in neutral colors, fitted jeans in black or blue, and even short-sleeved bodysuits are good for layering to create different looks.


For Warm Weather

Jean and linen shorts are items that can look classy and fun and that can go well with all sorts of tops. Flowy skirts and dresses made of cotton are also good for keeping you cool, especially for dressier occasions. Find a good pair of sandals or flip flops and a swimming suit you love for your summer outings.


The Perfect Shoe

It’s a good idea for everyone to have a great pair of nice quality shoes that work well for a variety of outfits. For women that may include basic black pumps, sleek nude heels, and a stunning red shoe. For men, Real Men Real Style suggests looking for black leather oxfords for formal occasions, brogues for everyday use, dress boots for less formal occasions, loafers for casual days and weekends, and a wildcard pair. Get creative, but look for shoes that will look nice with what you have and will suit the purposes of what you’re doing.



Sometimes your favorite item in your closet is a cozy robe or the most comfortable pair of sweats or leggings you can lounge in. Invest in those and take care of them so they can last.


What other tips do you have for updating your wardrobe? What basics do you include in your closet? Share your thoughts with the rest of us in the comments. Thanks for reading! We hope these tips help you curate your style the best you can, with the space you have available.