Car Care and Cleaning Tips

Liv Avenida is an apartment community dedicated to our residents’ convenience and comfort. One of our amenities you’ll definitely find useful any day of the year here in Chandler, AZ is our Car Care Center. Learn more about its features and find some great tips to use as you care for and clean your car in today’s blog.


Take advantage of your resources. You don’t have to worry about cleaning your whole car yourself if you take your car in for a wash. Check out these car wash shops in Chandler to find one that best suits your needs and wishes.


Of course, there’s more to cleaning your car than giving the outside of it a wash! As soon as it’s washed, head home to Liv Avenida and use our Car Care Center’s auto vacuums to vacuum the inside. BuzzFeed suggests using a foam brush to dust in between the A/C vents and to get the knobs as you vacuum. They have a few other car cleaning hacks you can try, such as using a Magic Eraser to get sticky substances from your car surfaces and a toothbrush to scrub dirt from vinyl. Then use some basic home products to clean your car, such as toothpaste for cleaning your headlights or a coffee filter to dust.


And don’t forget to check on basic car maintenance! Remember to check these five car-care tips that should never be ignored, including checking your tires and filling them up at the air stations available at our center. Keep a log of things that you only check or get changed every few months so that you don’t forget to check on them when the time comes.


What are your favorite things about our Car Care Center? What are your best tips for caring for your car or your favorite places to go to wash it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for reading!