Celebrating National Best Friends Day

Liv Avenida Blog welcomes you to the month of June! In addition to summer vibes, this month also brings something you might want to celebrate this year: National Best Friends Day! This year, the designated day to commemorate the relationship you have with your dearest friend is Saturday, June 8th. To help you make this day special, we’re giving you four simple ideas you can try out to show your best friend how much you care about them. Whether they live here in Chandler, AZ or whether they’re halfway across the world, consider one of these ideas today!

Plan a Surprise Outing

A great way to show your best friend that you’re thinking of them is to plan a day filled with activities you and your best friend love doing. Let them know that they should plan on spending the day with you, but then tell them that the specific plans are a secret! Do you have a favorite place to eat when you’re together? A hike you’ve been on that you enjoyed? What about a bar or a nightclub where you two have a funny memory? Whatever you choose to do, fill your day with all of your favorite things to do as two friends. To go one step further, dress up like your best friend, and tell them to dress up like you!

Make a Playlist

Another idea for National Best Friends Day is to spend time creating a playlist just for you two. If you’ve spent enough time together, chances are, you have specific songs that remind you of one another. Preserve all these tunes by putting them on a playlist so you and your best friend can listen to it when you’d like to recall some of your favorite memories. If you need help filling up your playlist, check out this list of best friend songs.

Send a letter

Finally, a personalized letter will always make your best friend smile. This week, set aside some time to sit down and write a sincere and thoughtful letter to your friend. Draw doodles in the margins or throw in a funny picture of the two of you to make them laugh while they read it. Make sure to mail it in time to get there on or before June 8th!

What do you plan to do for your friend on National Best Friends Day? Let our apartment community know in the comments below.

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