Chandlers Celebration of Unity Part One

Every January, Chandler hosts the Celebration of Unity. This annual jamboree is a series of events to honor the city's diversity and heritage. With a focus on the ideals, life, and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the civil rights movement overall, we as a community reflect on the history of Arizona and its surrounding states. As a member of the Chandler community living at Liv Avenida, you're invited to be a part of the Celebration of Unity. Events are scheduled throughout January, so you have plenty of chances to take part in this month of remembrance. The following are two of the events taking place during the celebration, but stayed tuned for part two next week! 16th Annual Creative Expression Competition The Creative Expression Competition is open to all students living or attending school in Chandler. Students enter the competition in the following categories: Performance, Writing, Visual Art, and Video. This year's theme for the submitted pieces is Peace Through People. More information on the Creative Expression Competition can be found here. Black Violin January 15, 2016 - 7:30 PM Violinists Will B and Kev Marcus have melded highbrow and pop culture through a combination of classical, jazz, hip-hop, blues, and R&B. Joining these classically trained violinists is DJ TK on turntables. Together, the trio entrance with Bach and Beyonce alike. As Wil B. explained, "We encourage kids to think creatively, to take what they love doing and try to come up with something no one has ever done before. And that doesnt just apply to playing violin or even music, but whatever it is you decide to do. Expand your mind. Once we get their attention with the music, thats the message we want to deliver. On the 16th, the Multicultural Festival will take place. We'll share more about that in our next blog post. Is there a celebration you're looking forward to in particular? Share your favorites in the comments below!