Chandlers Celebration of Unity Part Two

Chandler's Celebration of Unity event is ongoing, and thus we bring you part two of our event details. A staple since 1995, the major event of the Celebration is about to take place! The celebration was established to bring the community together for an exciting and introspective day of openness. In an event like this, we are able to experience the rich cultural diversity that exists within Arizona, and our city, in an informed and creative manner. Thus we at the Liv Avenida invite you to the crown jewel of the events, the Festival itself. 21st Annual Multicultural Festival January 16, 2016 - 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM The culmination of the month, and it's 21st annual occurrence, the Multicultural Festival is a free event that focuses on the main aspects of the Celebration of Unity. Diversity of the community is communicated through cultural music, dance, art, and more. The new location for the event will be in the Chandler Fashion Center. The stage is set for two sets of performances, and multiple culturally informative sports areas are set up throughout the event. As their website states, stay tuned for further details on performers, the schedule of events and volunteer opportunities. For inquires on the festival you can contact The Celebration of Unity is brought to Chandler as a joint collaboration between Chandler Men of Action, East Valley Jewish Community Center, Chandler Center for the Arts, Friends of the Library, Human Relations Commission, and the City of Chandler itself. Together, they are proud to present an extensive variety of community events in which over 10,000 people participate annually. We hope you were able to take part in this years events. But if not, next January we'll see the Celebration and Multicultural Festival return once more. Were you able to attend one of the Celebration of Unity events or gatherings? Share your experiences at this year's events in the comments below!