Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

Dressing up for Halloween doesn’t have to just be for the kids! If you’re not already a fan of putting together a costume, read today’s Liv Avenida Blog. Today we have ideas for clever costumes you can throw together or put a little bit of extra time in for a look you’ll love.


Man Cut in Half

This mind-blowing costume is sure to be a show-stopper at any Halloween party you attend! Give everyone around town something to scratch their heads over by simply buying a few extra items of clothing and the other material listed in this tutorial. Then practice how you’ll wear the costume so you can perfect the look.


Instagram Filter

Make your Halloween getup Instagram-ready by dressing up as your favorite filter! With cardboard, construction paper, and a bit of artwork, you can make this and have fun posing for your social media post at the same time.


Hairy Potter

Sure, donning your best wizard’s robes and grabbing a wand to dress up as a Harry Potter character will definitely be a hit. But if you don’t have the materials for that, try this variation for a punny costume. You’ll just need a spare apron you can splatter with paint (or clay) and a wig. Use some old eyeliner to draw strokes to make your face or arms look extra hairy.


Costumes with Makeup

If you’re handy with a makeup brush, you can make a truly outstanding costume without too much fuss. Check out how this person channeled Scar, try this pop art makeup tutorial, follow the directions for this mermaid makeup tutorial, or get inspired by this pixelated image art for a look everyone will be fawning over.


What are your favorite clever Halloween costume ideas? Share them with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment! Then head out into Chandler, AZ to a craft or thrift store for the supplies you’ll need to put together a winning costume.