Dental Hygiene Basics

Brush up on your dental health and that of any kids or pets you have: February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and National Pet Dental Health Month. Whether or not you have a child or a pet, read this week’s Liv Avenida Blog for tips for caring for your teeth and others’, whether it’s a resolution of yours to floss more or not!


Brush and floss every day. You may be used to sheepishly telling your dentist you haven’t flossed in a while, but that doesn’t have to be your go-to answer! Have confidence in yourself and your teeth every day by doing what you know you should be doing. Brush your teeth every morning and night (and try to brush your pet’s teeth at least three times a week. Daily is ideal, but not necessarily realistic for everyone).


When brushing your teeth or teaching any little ones how to, angle your brush upwards and make small circular motions to reach all sides of the teeth, focusing on any you tend to miss. If you’re not sure how to brush your pet’s teeth or what to do it with, see your pet’s vet. They can show you how and give you pointers on pet toothpaste, which you can get at your favorite pet store in Chandler, AZ. (They come in tasty flavors such as beef, mint, and chicken!)


Flossing is often skipped by many because it hurts and it’s messy. But the more you floss, the stronger your gums will become and the less they will bleed! So power through it. A good way to start is to let the hygienist do a deep cleaning as soon as possible, and then keep your teeth sparkling by doing the simple upkeep each day. (You should definitely still start flossing now, though. Don’t wait around!) Ask your hygienist for flossing technique tips if you’re not sure what exactly is best. They can give you advice that is particularly good for you because they’ll see any areas you should focus on. One good technique is to angle your floss up to the gums and making C-shaped motions so you can clean the gunk off the tooth.


Remember checkups! Going into the dentist’s office is important because the professionals can clean your teeth deeper than you can, even by flossing every day. They’ll clean buildup that a floss and a toothbrush don’t necessarily completely stop. And they will be able to address any issues or pain you’re noticing, which is the first step to preventing serious problems and even more painful, expensive surgeries in the future. Don’t forget to get any little ones to the office and pets to the vet, as well!


Enjoy it. Motivate yourself and any kids you care for to want to take care of their teeth by making it a positive part of daily hygiene. Have fun going to the grocery store buying a new toothbrush every three months, or once the bristles start to fray. Reward yourself with a healthy snack and maybe a new water bottle once you floss every day for a month. Make your dental hygiene a priority and your smile will always be shining!


What dental hygiene tips do you have for the rest of the apartment community? Share your wisdom in the comments! Thanks for reading. Good luck!