Essential Tips for Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

Making and keeping goals is an everyday, lifelong task that you can take on any day of the year, but what better time to dedicate yourself to success than the first week of 2017? Take out that list of resolutions you made a few days ago and read this week’s Liv Avenida blog for ways you can follow up on your New Year’s resolutions, any time in or outside of your apartment in Chandler, AZ, this year.


Write them down.

Writing down something you want to do significantly increases the chances of you actually doing it. It makes it more real to you than if you were to just think about and forget about it. One trick to making writing your goals effective is to make a plan that you can follow each day. Put your list or plan somewhere easily accessible, and consult it often. Check it out at the beginning of the day so you can have it in mind as you go about your day and at the end of the day so you can evaluate how you did and how you can improve tomorrow.


Find something to enjoy about them.

One roadblock to working on a goal is the simple fact that you don’t want to do it. Change your outlook and attitude, however, so you can work toward accomplishing your goal. One way you can do that is to find something, however small, that you like about this new task. Whether it’s the clean feeling your mouth gets when you floss every day, the rush that comes after you exercise, or the pride you get in accomplishing a craft, the after-effects of doing something good for you can be great motivators for you to take action. Just know that the process is the messy part. Don’t get discouraged if it’s more difficult than you expected.


Take baby steps.

Taking baby steps can change your life! If you’re tackling a task that seems bigger than you, start with something you can manage and practice until you become a master of it. Then work on another aspect of your task, just like you did with the first part. Eventually you can combine your skills together to produce a habit you have complete confidence in accomplishing.


This concept can apply to getting across town if you’re nervous about germs, learning an instrument or a language, or even budgeting or running a marathon. Assess where you’re at so you can know where to start and have an idea for what you can handle in a certain amount of time. Follow up with yourself or a friend at the end of the week or month so you can find encouragement and make plans for constant improvement.


What tips do you have for keeping resolutions? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading. Good luck!