Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

We hope you’re having a great season getting ready for the upcoming holiday. The weather in Chandler, AZ can stay pretty warm, even during these fall months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of some of the season’s best fashion trends. Today the Liv Avenida Blog has some suggestions for fall fashion essentials you can incorporate into your outfit around the apartment or as you go about the city.



Whether you call them fluted sleeves or bell or ruffle sleeves, these add a ton of flair to any outfit. Look for a shift dress or a loose top with this style incorporated into it and you’ll instantly feel like you’ve given your whole look a step into the latest trends. We also love how they come in a variety of shapes and styles so you can make your choices unique to you.


Midi skirts and dresses

Make the transition from summer to fall transparent in your wardrobe by opting for longer hems this month. This timeless style can be pulled off any time of the year, but it’s a nice way to give a nod to the cooler months. Choose a dress or skirt with a color palette you love (or a warm colored one) and pair it with a fitted top for an outfit you’ll love to dance, sit, or walk around in.


Stunning velvet

Velvet is definitely a big trend this year, and we understand why! From crushed velvet to a patterned gold one like Cosmopolitan’s choice, this versatile fabric can be formal or casual enough for any occasion. Just dress it up with some stunning shoes or layer it over a sharply cut top for fun contrasting textures and shapes.


Gold fabrics

Cosmopolitan also points out that gold is the color of choice for this year’s looks, so keep an eye out for some stunning fabrics in this hue. Whether it’s in a metallic Converse high top or in the fabric of a slip-on, heel, or even a belt buckle, gold shoes add instant glam to any outfit and bring a modern vibe to the fall outfits already in your closet.


Of course, if none of these trends fit your style, you can make it feel like fall with classic pieces such as scarves, hats, oversized sweaters, and warm tones.


What are your favorite fall fashion essentials? Let us know so we can look for them! We hope you enjoy these suggestions.