Fall Crafts to Grace Your Apartment With

Last week on the Liv Avenida Blog we talked about keeping your apartment in order for the holidays. We mentioned that decorating your apartment should be an art so you avoid cluttering up what you’ve just cleaned. Try some of these ideas from bloggers all over the internet if you want to create a fall vision for your apartment here in Chandler, AZ.


Fall prints and graphics

This idea isn’t necessarily a craft, but you can craft a beautiful art aesthetic for your home by incorporating one or more of these prints, pillows, mugs, and blankets in your apartment. Oftentimes simply switching out a summery looking throw blanket with a warm-toned one can be all you need for a transition to a new season. Check out these products for inspiration!


“Give Thanks” mantel

Add rustic charm to a shelf or bookcase in your apartment by mimicking this look and color scheme. The author of this blog post used burlap to make the “GIVE” banner and mini white pumpkins for the “THANKS” focal point. She used empty brown frames, cream pitchers, wheat bundles, ribbon, cardstock, and extra pieces of burlap to pull it all together. This is a great way to create something that nicely blends in with the rest of your apartment decor and gives your home a nice touch of fall.


Thanksgiving table setting

Make Thanksgiving dinner the star of your home decorating by copying the ideas in this getup. Use butcher paper and paint for the table runner. Make it extra long so you can paint “give thanks” on the bit hanging over the end of the table’s short side. Then put together a short flower arrangement and bust out your best dishes, warm-toned napkins, and mini white pumpkins for the place settings. It will make your guests feel like they’re dining like fall harvest royalty!

What are your favorite color schemes or fall decoration ideas? Let us know by leaving a comment so we can get inspired in our own decorating! Thanks for reading. Have fun!