Fitness Center Tips

If you haven’t yet succeeded at implementing a consistent exercise routine, we imagine that from time to time you think about how to make room for one in your busy schedule. Luckily enough for you, living in our Liv Avenida apartment community means that you have access to a complimentary fitness center. We think the best way to implement more working out into your daily life is to start with the resources in front of you! Today, our blog has a few simple tips for using the fitness center more efficiently:

Find a Gym Buddy

We suspect that the convenient location and the scaled-down size of our fitness center will make your experience exercising a little less intimidating, but it’s never a bad idea to bring a friend along with you to make it even better. Having a person to interact with that you have chosen in advance eases the tension and pressure of doing things the “right way” at the gym. Chances are, there are plenty of people right here within our community who are looking for a fitness buddy as well!

Don’t Overlook the Weights

For someone new to working out at the fitness center, it can seem appealing to stick with the familiar and intuitive equipment like the treadmill, the stationary bike, and the elliptical machine. Don’t get us wrong, cardio is an important component of a fitness routine, but it’s a mistake to replace strength training with more cardio out of convenience or familiarity. You may not intend to get ripped or to gain a noticeable amount of muscle, but a moderate amount of weight training using both free weights and weight machines will help keep your body in healthy working order. When combined with cardio, it’s also the optimal way to burn calories!


It’s true that phones can, in theory, be a helpful tool at the fitness center, but they can also get in the way of you having productive exercise time. Apps like timers and music might enhance your workout, while messages and social media will slow it down. We recommend putting your phone in airplane mode while at the fitness center!

Include Something Fun

Last but not least, we think that in order to sustain a lifestyle of fitness and exercise, it’s crucial to include something you love doing in your mix. If shooting hoops is your style, make sure to scope out a place to play and a group of people to play with so that you have some more exciting form of exercise in the mix each week. If not, find a way to make your time in the fitness center more fun. You could watch a movie while you run, lay down a mat and follow along to an upbeat workout routine, or create an energetic playlist. Even more, you could incorporate another sport or physical activity you love to do somewhere in Chandler, AZ outside of the fitness center into your weekly schedule!

We hope these simple suggestions will help you know how to take better advantage of our fitness center. Thanks for reading!