Five Steps to Becoming More Thankful

Thanksgiving was last week, but it’s still November, the month of giving thanks. If you were too preoccupied with preparing for Thanksgiving to make an effort toward having an attitude of gratitude (or if you simply want to be grateful all year long), try these tips. They’ll make a difference in your Liv Avenida apartment community, out in Chandler, AZ, or anywhere else in the world!


Write down what you’re grateful for every day.

Get in the habit of expressing gratitude for your blessings. It will make you more mindful of your blessings throughout the day, which will help you look for and notice positive things always.


Change the way you speak.

If there are areas you think your speech could improve, make those changes. Changing how you react verbally to something helps you control your temper and be more of a happy, calm person. That attitude will help you see other people and life challenges as not things that threaten you but as things you can learn from and appreciate.


Stop comparing yourself to others.

You are a good person because of who you are, and the same goes for others. However competitive life seems, remember that we’re all going through life together, so we should make it enjoyable. Help friends and coworkers succeed. Celebrate victories and encourage others. Be happy for others and for yourself. You deserve it, and they do, too.


Live in the moment.

Life is here for you to enjoy, so don’t let it pass you by. Find something to be passionate about at work, school, or home. Gain confidence in yourself by trying a new hobby or practicing an old skill. Spend more time with the people you love, and be all there when you are. Own up to your mistakes, forgive others, and try to improve interpersonal relationships. This seems like a lot, and it is. But we have a whole lifetime to practice it all.


Serve others.

Looking outward and serving others can help you see new ways to love and appreciate them. Service humanizes those you interact with and makes you more affectionate toward them. It makes you think of what they need and how you can fill those needs. Even if others don’t seem grateful for you, you can be grateful for the chance to help them, improve yourself, and add some good to the world.


How do you train yourself to be more thankful? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading! Good luck!