Five Tips For a Better Night's Sleep

Happy November to all in our Chandler, AZ apartment community! Since this month is National Sleep Comfort Month, we here at Liv Avenida Blog are sharing our best suggestions for getting better sleep. Keep reading for some of our top tips.

Put Away The Screens

It has become quite normal these days to fall asleep with our smartphones in hand. But did you know that the blue light your screen emits is significantly affecting the quality of your sleep? For a better night’s rest, we suggest powering down smartphones, laptops, and tablets at least one hour before you crawl into bed.  

Consider a New Mattress

When was the last time you bought a new mattress? They are made to last 7-10 years, assuming the one you have is right for you. When shopping for a new mattress, look for a nice balance between comfort and support. A soft mattress may feel like a cloud, but chances are it isn’t providing your body with the support it needs. An extra firm mattress may offer ample support, but is likely to keep you up from discomfort. Try to find something in between!

Stay Active

Not only will only getting enough exercise help your body remain physically fit, but it will also help you sleep better. Perhaps you enjoy swimming laps at the pool, or maybe you prefer running around the block a time or two. Regardless of how you exercise, developing a regular workout schedule is sure to contribute towards a better night’s sleep.

Regulate Temperature and Light

Most of us have probably trained ourselves to fall asleep to an array of light levels and temperatures, but regulating both of these will seriously improve how well you sleep. Make sure your room is neither too hot nor too cold, and that you set a temperature that will keep you comfy throughout the whole night. As far as light, the darker the room the better. Close your shutters at night, and if you still find it hard to block out all the light, consider buying a sleep mask for a few dollars from a local department store.

Develop a Pre-bedtime Ritual

Though most people have developed a daily morning routine that their body has gotten used to, adding one at night could work wonders for your sleep time. Implementing a pre-bedtime ritual, like drinking a calming tea or practicing meditation or dimming the lights, will let your body know that it is time to wind down and climb into bed.

We hope you’ll benefit from these five tips for a better night’s sleep. Thanks for reading, and may you sleep well tonight!