Five Tips for Traveling for the Holidays

It’s Thanksgiving week, so if you’re traveling anywhere outside of your apartment in Chandler, AZ, for Thanksgiving or December’s holidays, it’s a good time to start preparing. You can throw things together last minute, but if you follow the Liv Avenida blog’s tips for holiday traveling, you can have a better chance for a seamless trip.


— Prepare your schedule.

Having a schedule can ease traveling stress by guiding you during your trip. It also makes you think of how to travel smartly. Try not to start driving right when traffic gets bad unless you have the time to be patient, for example. And while Arizona still has nice, easy-to-drive-in weather, your destination might not so take that into account. You don’t want to miss out on Thanksgiving dinner or being with your loved ones because of timing issues. Also, if you’re flying, keep a schedule that will make it a little easier to sleep on a plane.


— Prepare your home and finances.
If you’re leaving your apartment empty, lock doors and windows and keep your key safe with you. Clean before you leave so you can come home to a place you can relax in. Turn off appliances, lights, and other electronics so you don’t waste electricity and rack up your utility bill. See this article for more tips.


Also, make sure that your bank knows if you’re traveling anywhere far so they don’t put any holds on your account for seemingly sketchy activity.


— Know what to pack.

Avoid under- or over-packing by remembering the basics of what you’ll need, like clothing, hygiene and beauty products, and chargers. Use a checklist to help you keep track. If you’re staying with people you can borrow items from or near stores you can buy things at, don’t fret if you forget something. Just make sure you have enough money to cover these and other expenses.


— Charge your devices.

If you’re taking your computer, phone, or other mobile devices with you on a trip, charge them all the night before you leave and remember to pack those in the morning. You don’t want to fight with strangers for airport outlets if you don’t have to. If you’re driving, bring a car charger, especially if you’re using your phone’s GPS.


— Bring games and snacks for the trip.

Traveling is almost equal parts busy and slow, but it doesn’t have to be a total bore. If you’re traveling with someone, make the trip fun by going with some form of entertainment. Keep it small and manageable in case you don’t get around to using it, but make it enjoyable, whether it’s a book, sudoku puzzle, or deck of cards. Also, here’s a list of healthy snacks you can bring on a plane or on a drive to keep you awake.


What traveling tips do you have? Let us know in the comments. Happy traveling!