Fun Flower Arrangements

We hope you’re having a relaxing and productive spring here in Chandler, AZ. Make your apartment an oasis by decorating it with some beautiful spring flower arrangements this month. Today’s Liv Avenida Blog has some ideas for fun flower arrangements you can try to really add that extra touch of excitement to your home.


Garden watering can arrangement

Motivate yourself to get started on the indoor garden you learned about last month in the blog by grabbing a spare watering can, some floral foam, a decorative wooden garden stake, and making this pretty arrangement! You’ll need some line flowers to guide the eye up along the stake and the ivy, so go to your favorite floral shop and pick flowers that work well the color scheme you have in mind.


Pineapple floral arrangement

Show off your love for this sweet tropical fruit by hollowing it out (and eating the insides, of course!) and filling it with water and your favorite tropical flowers. The Be Spoke Bride blog has a great tutorial, complete with photos, that you can follow. We love that this homemade vase adds distinct texture to your arrangement. Pick some soft and fluffy flowers to contrast with the spikes of the pineapple for a great finish.


Submerged flower centerpiece

Submerging your distinctly shaped, beautiful flowers in a tall cylindrical vase is an exquisite way to showcase their beauty and your own green thumb! This idea is great because it’s a super easy way to make use of one type of flower. You don’t have to worry about adding in and moving around a ton of other filler flowers you may not know what to do with. Just be sure to put it somewhere it won’t be easily knocked over so you can keep it around for as long as possible!


What are your favorite flower arrangements to try this time of year? Share your ideas with us by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading!