Get Your Turkey Trot On!

Looking for a Thanksgiving morning activity? Consider running in a turkey trot this year! After the dinner itself plus snacks and dessert, a typical American is likely to consume around 4,500 calories on this one holiday alone! This week on Liv Avenida Blog, we’ve got answers to all questions you may have as you’re preparing for your pre-feast calorie burn at a turkey trot near your Chandler, AZ apartment.


As its name suggests, a turkey trot is a family-friendly race that takes place either around or on Thanksgiving Day. While turkey trots may have gotten popular as a way to shed a few calories before indulging in the year’s largest feast, they have evolved into a fun and lighthearted event. Many runners even dress up in funny Thanksgiving-themed costumes to invite the Thanksgiving spirit.

How Far?

The standard distance for a turkey trot is five kilometers, but depending on where you run, you might find a bit of variation. There are, however, a number of races up to eight miles long. At one point, there was even at one point in time a marathon in Atlanta on Thanksgiving, making it the longest race in turkey trot history!

Why Run?

If burning calories doesn’t motivate you to participate, know that many turkey trots partner with both local and national charities to provide families in need with Thanksgiving dinner, as well as other hunger-related needs. Some even donate 100% of their proceeds! The turkey trot is a great way to build a sense of community as it is not only a way to commemorate a holiday together as a city, but it helps the local hungry as well.


Looking for a turkey trot near you? The Strut Your Stuffing 5K takes place Thanksgiving morning in Chandler, and the race is partnering with the local Harvest Compassion Center to fill an on-site truck with donated food. If you’re closer to Gilbert, the Gilbert Turkey Trot has agreed to donate 100% of the proceeds to local charities AzBrainFood and Families Fighting Blindness.

Whether you decide to run or come along to cheer others on, attending a turkey trot this year is a great way to start off your Thanksgiving Day. Thanks for reading!