Some Great Workouts to Get Your Beach Body Ready for Summer

As the weather gets warmer and we bid adieu to layers of clothing, the time many of us focus on getting fit approaches. Don't feel down if you let your workout routine slack over winter—you can easily make up for the lost time by following a few simple tips. In no time, you'll be toned and ready for summer outdoor fun!


The Liv Fit fitness center has everything you need to transform your workouts and get summer-ready. You could join a remote gym, hire a personal trainer, and waste precious time commuting - or you could stay close to home and do it yourself. Read on to learn about a few great workouts for summer that can be done right in your Liv community.


3 of the Best Summer Workouts   

1. Muscle and Fitness 5-Day Workout    

This full-body workout will help jumpstart your fitness journey or get you back on track if you've fallen off recently. In just four weeks – by following a 5 day schedule that repeats each week until you reach your desired results - you'll have your beach body ready! Just note: this workout is designed for those of us who already have some muscle mass and are used to working out regularly.


The Liv Fit fitness center offers a strength training, cardio, and high intensity “superset” program that requires only some basic equipment like a jump rope, free weights, stationary bike, weight bench and barbells, and adjustable cable machine.


2. Runtastic’s 10 Great Bodyweight Exercises  

This summer workout requires yoga mats and enough free space to lie fully extended, both of which you will find in your Liv Fit fitness center. If the weather is mild, you may choose to exercise near your community’s outdoor fitness stations.


This workout schedule includes pushups, planks, leg lifts, lunges, squats, and other maneuvers that use the weight of your body as an exercise tool. This routine is suitable for people at almost any level of fitness.


3. Men’s Health 4-Week Beach Body Workout   

Begin this training plan with some stretches and warm-up drills. Next, follow the seven-day workout schedule that includes strength training, chin-ups, pushups, lunges, squats, and cardio work. Repeat the weekly schedule four times total to be prepared for swimsuit weather.


No matter your physical fitness level, this workout will be of use to you. If it has been a while since you last went to the gym, cut the repetitions until you're better shape and can handle more.


Your Liv Home Supports Your Your Fitness Objectives   

No matter what your goal is- whether it's to get in shape before summer, lose weight, gain muscle mass, or anything else- Liv Fit fitness center has got you covered.


The fitness center has top-of-the-line workout gear, interactive cardio and strength machines. If you need to get their sweat on outside of typical gym hours, don't fret — the center is open 24/7. Not to mention, it's always clean and inviting.


If working out outdoors is your thing, our community has outdoor fitness stations for you to use and scenic walking and jogging paths. If swimming laps are more your style, take a dip in the heated pool. And after all that exercise, you can relax those tired muscles in one of the heated spas.


If you want to get in shape by riding a bike, use our bicycle repair station to keep your tires filled and your chains oiled. If you're looking for a low-key workout that allows you to be outside and talk with people from the community, work on getting a green thumb in the community garden. Liv has everything- the equipment, space, and environment- you need to maintain or create your idea of the perfect summer body! And we have a filtered water kiosk so you can also stay hydrated throughout your workout journey!

Man doing a cartwheel in the sand at a beach.