Holiday Traditions to Start This Season

Many people have traditions that they do every year that help to remind them why they love being together during the holidays. What do you do when you haven’t really established any traditions? Or you’re in the mood to change things up? Now might be the time to start new traditions! At Liv Avenida Apartments, we’re here to help you choose a new holiday tradition if you’re in the market. Try out these ideas in your Chandler, AZ apartment this month!

Order Takeout

Oftentimes, major holidays are stressful because it is often expected that there be a festive and extravagant meal during the month of December. Since you just had Thanksgiving last month and you might be having a big dinner in a week or two, why not start a tradition to eat something fun like Chinese takeout instead? You might use this as an excuse to order your favorite dishes — maybe you’ll even splurge and get some of your favorite sides that you usually skip out on. Whatever you choose to order, you can have fun together knowing you all chose to eat something a little unconventional this year.

Have a Competition

Since it’s possible that you’ll be around more people this month, why not host a competition of your favorite activity? Maybe you want to create a bracket and have a table tennis tournament. You might take advantage of the occasion and play a few rounds of a card game you’re all invested in. Perhaps you’ll even have a dance-off! Whatever it is, get everyone hyped up about it so that when the time comes, everyone is ready to put all their energy and excitement into it.

Start a White Elephant Exchange

If it’s been a while since the last time you participated in a white elephant gift exchange, you might want to head up one of your own! Set the parameters, like whether you want everyone to buy a used item or not and a price limit. That’s basically it. Whatever rules you choose, a white elephant gift exchange adds extra fun because people are bound to be a little more invested in bringing gifts that are funny or have a story behind them.

Get a New Pair of Pajamas

For many people, it’s tradition to receive a new pair of pajamas this time of year. Some people prefer to order the same print for everyone in the family or group, while others want to individualize each pair according to each person’s preferences. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to get a comfy new pair of pajamas and take a group picture wearing them!

Hopefully this post gave you a few new ideas for traditions you can start as soon as this year. Thanks for reading and happy holidays!