How to Celebrate Independence Day in Chandler


Welcome back to the Liv Avenida Blog! Independence Day is this Wednesday, so plan your celebrations today to make the most of this holiday, in or out of your apartment at Liv Avenida. Today, our blog is highlighting the event not to miss in Chandler, AZ as you’re celebrating the 4th of July this year and offering ideas for other things you can do in honor of the holiday, too.


In Chandler

July 4th Fireworks Spectacular at Tumbleweed Park

July 4th from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Head to Tumbleweed Park for an evening of fun, without breaking the bank! Bring five dollars for parking and funds for food and any shopping at vendor booths you may want to do. Or simply come and enjoy the live music, family-friendly activities, and fireworks show at the end of the night. See the site for detailed information about parking.


At Home

Of course, if you can’t or don’t want to make the Fireworks Spectacular show at Tumbleweed Park, stay in your apartment and celebrate in your own way with your loved ones. (This way, you can escape the heat!) We suggest throwing a barbecue or pool party if you still want some time outside, or watching your favorite movie with patriotic themes or set around the 4th of July for a relaxing day inside. Top Gun, National Treasure, Jaws, All The President’s Men, Remember the Titans, Independence Day, and A League of Their Own are all perfect movies for the summertime and the Fourth of July.


And don’t forget the treats and activities! You can make almost any food (especially dessert) patriotic by incorporating red, white, and blue into your decorating. We suggest these 4th of July firecracker dogs for a fun snack, appetizer, side, or even main part of your meal and this firework poke cake for dessert!


What are your favorite 4th of July traditions or events to attend near your apartment? Let us know by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! We hope you have a happy Independence Day!