How to Give a Great Gift

It’s officially the biggest season of giving, so today the Liv Avenida Blog is here to give you ideas on how to make the most of this great tradition. However you spend your season, if you’re giving a gift to someone in or around Chandler, AZ, remember these tips and ideas for making your gift one your recipient will love and appreciate.


Make it personal.

Gift giving is fun because it prompts the giver to consider the wishes and needs of the recipient — this could be something fun, practical, and enjoyable. Every gift that is either store-bought or homemade, expensive or completely free, can be a hit if it shows the recipient that you care about them and their needs.


Have someone in mind? Think back to your experiences with this person. Make the gift you choose to be one that is nostalgic and preserves a memory. Or, rack your brains for any passing mention they may have made relating to what they want. They’ll appreciate that you noticed and remembered.


Keep it simple.

Of course, as you’re seeking to personalize gifts, remember that your gift doesn’t have to be the best or most creative gift in the world. A great guideline is to give someone “something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.” This covers about everything, so just get the logistics sorted out and make sure it suits their tastes and you’ll be set!


Be upfront.

If you’re still stuck in finding just the right gift, remember that many people may even prefer that you ask them straight up what they want. If you’re going to be spending time, money, or other resources to give someone something, they should actually want it! Ask them what is on their wish list, and don’t be afraid to ask who else they may have given this information to so you can collaborate and avoid giving repeat gifts.


If you’re concerned about the lack of a surprise, don’t fret! The surprise can still be there if you don’t tell them what you’re getting. And even if you are totally transparent, they’ll still appreciate you for considering their wishes and going through the effort to fulfill them.


What are your best tips for giving a memorable, personal, thoughtful gift? Share your ideas with us in the comments. Good luck choosing the perfect gift and enjoy the holidays in the comfort of your apartment.