How to Give Meaningful Compliments

Speaking kind words does a lot to help us notice the good in others and can drastically change someone else’s day for the better. As our Liv Avenida Blog focuses on supporting women and all people this Women’s History Month, we turn our focus to being good to others by giving compliments. They’re fun to offer and can mean a lot to people, whether words of affirmation is their love language or not. Try these tips for how you can give a meaningful compliment this month.


Have the right perspective.

As you embark on your journey of complimenting others more, make sure your approach comes with the right motivations and is genuine to you. As we mentioned above, compliments help you feel good, but they’re also for others. Give without expecting something in return. Having a compliment reciprocated is always a nice perk, but it shouldn’t be a prerequisite for giving one. Notice the good in others and embrace those kind thoughts by expressing them.


Be brave.

The vulnerability of giving, possibly without receiving acknowledgment or appreciation, can feel awkward and scary. But it will do you and the other person good. If you focus too much on the fear, you might not even give the other person a chance to know what you’re thinking. So be proud of your perspective and speak up!


Compliment actions, rather than just looks.

Sometimes people really want their good hair day, new shoes, or great selfie to be noticed. But for many, being complimented solely on these things can get old, or it simply can feel like their contributions to the world aren’t noticed. So take a second look and find things to appreciate that are related to people’s actions and behaviors. What people do is more of a reflection on someone rather than how they look.


Be specific.

General compliments are nice, but specific ones leave an impact and inspire people. For example, statements expressing gratitude for someone going the extra mile on a work assignment, especially if you detail specific work that you appreciated, can help boost a person’s confidence. Point out specific actions people do that mean something to you and the compliment will be well-received.


What other suggestions do you have for giving a meaningful compliment? Fill us in by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading. We hope you have a good time giving compliments this month.