How to Treat Stains and Odors around the Apartment

Spring is officially here, so as you’re working to get your spring cleaning done in your apartment within the next few weeks, don’t neglect the stains! It may seem like there’s no hope, but with the tips and resources in this week’s Liv Avenida Blog, it can be a doable task.


Brighten up your whites. We may often avoid buying white clothing, towels, shoes, or other items, but getting them may actually be a good idea. You can just soak them in a solution of water and baking soda. We suggest ¾ of a cup to a gallon of water. If you need, you can also bleach them.


Clean any stain with specific solutions. The University of Illinois has a comprehensive stain solutions guide that you might find extremely useful. It has solutions for antiperspirant, foods, cosmetics, ink, perspiration, and much more. You can also print out this stain removal guide and hang it near your washer or dryer for a more condensed version to live by.


Get rid of odors. Using baking soda and water to treat your clothes is not only good for brightening up whites, but it can also be a great start to getting bad odors from them, too. Reader’s Digest suggests soaking smelly clothes in a mixture of ½ a cup of baking soda and a gallon of water before adding ½ a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle as they wash.


Clean your carpet. Carpets often go unnoticed — we only walk on them, after all. But paying attention to the messes we leave on the carpet and cleaning them doesn’t have to be difficult. Cleanipedia has some great tips, cleaning products, and tricks for cleaning stains from your carpet. You can use powders, shampoos, baking soda, or even salt for absorbing odors and soaking up fresh stains.


What tips do you have for stain removal? Let us know by leaving a comment! Good luck on your spring cleaning, and especially on any stains you’re trying to get out!