Ice Cream Shops in Chandler


Welcome back to the Liv Avenida Blog! Last week we offered up a few tips for cooling down in or out of your apartment here in Chandler, AZ. Of course, in addition to following all those great tips, you can also cool down by grabbing a frozen treat near your apartment. Visit one of these ice cream shops this month! Plan your visits by checking out these reviews and driving times from our community.


Kokomo Frozen Yogurt (4 mins)

“Very tasty coconut gelato!  Cream, fresh and loaded with shredded coconut!  Friendly staff as well. I'm impressed!” — Diane M. on Yelp


I Roll Thai Ice Cream (12 mins)

“I’d heard of rolled ice cream before but we don’t have any near us. You can pick your ice cream flavor, mix ins, and toppings. I chose the original flavor with almond butter and pecan mix ins. I chose the mini chocolate chips and mochi on top. I wasn’t entirely sure how it would all go together but was pleasantly surprised. It was fun watching them make it and it was delicious. I’d like to go back and will definitely check it out if something similar opened nearby. 5 stars.” — Christina M. on Yelp


McMahon’s Ice Cream (13 mins)

“Life changing ice cream made with passion and care and love. The flavors are inspired and pure, so you can taste every ingredient. Any other ice cream moving forward will always be compared to this brilliance. Plus the owner... can we just have a group hug.” — Angela A. on Yelp


Popbar (13 mins)

“First ever Popbar experience and I LOVED it! They should open these everywhere !!! They had a little board with popular combinations and thank god for that! There were so many options and possibilities so it was nice to have it narrowed down for me :)"


“The staff was nice, the concept is great and what they're serving is top tier! Cannot wait to come back !!” — Zoe J. on Yelp


What are your favorite places to get a frozen treat near you? Share your recommendations with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy any of these shops or others this summer.