Ideas for Avoiding Excess Heat at Your Next Barbecue


May is here, and it’s National Barbecue Month! We know that firing up a grill may not be appealing here in sweltering Chandler, AZ. But you can still participate in the fun of a classic barbecue by trying these ideas and tips, in or out of your apartment here at Liv Avenida.


Start Later

Arizona is always hot, especially during the summer, but it cools down slightly in the evening! Make the most of that fact by starting your barbecue later in the evening. It can make a big difference.


Cook and Eat Inside

Cooking, naturally, brings heat. But with central air conditioning and ceiling fans, you can keep your home at a temperature you’re comfortable in and avoid venturing out into the stifling heat to find a park with a grill and eat. You can also even grill on your private patio, if you have one, to air out your apartment.


Ask anyone attending your barbecue to contribute dishes and sides to take some of the load off your shoulders and to lessen the amount of time your oven has to be on.


Try Water Games

If you are hosting your barbecue outside, water games are great way to combat the heat and keep you energized. Games are also perfect for keeping people engaged and encouraging fun. Try a water balloon relay or even a DIY slip and slide for some fun in the sun. (Just don’t forget the sunscreen!)


Head to the Pool

Liv Avenida provides a must-have amenity for any home in Arizona: a pool! It’s a perfect spot for hanging out, relaxing, or even working on your fitness goals, if you’re a fan of swimming. When everyone’s ready to freshen up, jump in for a great way to end the day.


What do you think? Are barbecues worth the heat? Share your tips for making a great one here in Arizona by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading! We hope you have a good start to the summer at our apartment community this May.