Ideas for Decorating Your Patio or Balcony

Depending on the floor plan of your apartment here at Liv Avenida, you may get to enjoy a private patio or balcony that extends your home into the great outdoors of Chandler, AZ. Make the most of it this summer by creating an environment you can relax in with these useful and beautiful decorating ideas.


Add seating. Relaxing in a rocking chair out on the balcony can be so refreshing after a long day. Also consider camp chairs, stools, a bench with some comfortable cushions, or even a small couch or ottoman.


Add plants. There’s something soothing about plants. They bring a touch of the outdoors (nearly) inside. Use a variety of plants that you love, or perhaps even plant an herb garden to get extra use out of your greenery.


Add decor. Think of the walls of your balcony or patio as a giant canvas. Decorate with something colorful like a kite collection, add a butterfly motif to the patio or balcony, or maybe hang up your fishing rod on the wall to make a statement.


Think storage. Use a weatherproof container to store some of those bulky, oddly shaped things that don’t really fit inside a cupboard or a closet. Or store items you typically use outdoors in a tote.


Create. Make a play area. A balcony or patio makes a great place to store a mini-car collection or a family of stuffed animals. Especially if you frequently have visitors over, this can be a fun area for some of them to enjoy without crowding the apartment.


Plan a date night. Use your balcony or patio to your advantage and Romeo and Juliet won’t have anything over on you. Perhaps create a scavenger hunt through the city that ends with flowers and chocolate (or a decadent dessert) on your patio or balcony.


Relax. And of course, balconies and patios are perfect for taking a few minutes to kick back at the end of the day and simply enjoy the warmer weather here in Chandler. Make a soothing environment by including decorations, colors schemes, and patterns that you love so you can enjoy your home as best as you can.


What are your favorite ways to decorate your balcony or patio? Leave your suggestions in the comments! Thanks for reading!