Liv Multifamily Supports Diversity and Inclusion

Liv Multifamily communities are designed to enhance positive experiences for our residents. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion drives this purpose, and we’ve made it our mission to create an inclusive atmosphere and support diverse individuals throughout our communities.

With residents from different backgrounds and unique perspectives, our communities support one another and build a one-of-a-kind living experience for our members. We believe our differences pave the way for ideas and innovations to flourish, and our inclusivity empowers residents to succeed.

What Are Diversity and Inclusion?

Our team works to ensure each resident feels included and knows they’re welcome. We pride ourselves on having diverse, inclusive environments in our residential communities and throughout our organization. These two terms are closely interconnected.

Diversity, especially in reference to community, refers to representation. Our residents come from many different backgrounds, represented by nationality, age, gender, creed, sexual orientation, and disabilities. Additionally, we all have our own outlook on life and bring it with us every day. This, combined with our lifetime of knowledge and viewpoints, shapes our life experiences. A diverse community avoids the blandness that comes when residents share identical backgrounds. Without differences, communities miss out on new experiences, viewpoints, and growth opportunities.

Inclusion, on the other hand, refers to how diversity is treated in the community. Inclusivity is the practice of embracing diversity and making individuals feel welcomed — for their differences, not despite them. Inclusive communities, like the ones that exist at Liv Multifamily, give residents a sense of belonging and equal treatment.

We like to think of diversity as the unique characteristics our people bring to the table and inclusion as the welcoming behaviors we create.

How Do Diversity and Inclusion Benefit Residential Living?

Diversity and inclusion are vital ingredients for a happy community. The desire to be accepted and to possess a sense of belonging is rooted deep within human nature. Thus, treating groups of people differently due to their demographics hinders the growth and prosperity of a tight-knit community. Discontented residents will struggle to form bonds and avoid interactions with neighbors. As a whole, the community will suffer from a lack of involvement and positive energy.

When a community is inclusive, however, residents will engage more with their surroundings and contribute with meaning and purpose. When everyone feels accepted, no matter their differences, they will be emboldened to interact with their communities and help them grow.

A diverse and inclusive culture cultivates a flourishing and safe environment. The benefits of such an environment have a positive impact on community safety and satisfaction.

Personal Growth

Diversity helps us grow and mature. We all exist inside our own bubble shaped by our own life experiences, beliefs, family, and demographics. To live life solely in that bubble means carrying on a shallow life. Living in a diverse community enables us to step outside of ourselves and learn about new cultures, religions, and languages — and to have fun while we do so. This gives us fresh views and outlooks on life, both of which creativity and growth thrive on.

Community Growth

When we learn about diversity, we are not only bettering ourselves but also our community. By understanding that everyone has different beliefs and opinions, we open ourselves up to new perspectives, not just our singular point of view.

Imagine learning a new foreign word everyday because your neighbors speak a different language or taking time to discover more about the holiday your neighbors are celebrating because they are different from yours. Being open to different lifestyles will help you be a tolerant, understanding, and interesting person in your everyday life.

This consideration for others can break the cycle of confusion and hatred that too often accompanies ignorance of other cultures. Acceptance of diversity and further inclusion of all members into society strengthens peace and happiness in the community, which in turn promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Diversity and Inclusion at Liv Communities

At Liv Multifamily, we understand that communities prosper when they consist of individuals with diverse talents and diverse perspectives on life. Liv communities advocate for the happiness and security of all our residents. It is our goal to develop a comfortable environment for all, and so we fully celebrate diversity and inclusion in our family.

Diverse and inclusive communities not only provide growth opportunities for our residents, but they build spaces where people can live life to the fullest. With diversity, all of our residents can feel represented. Furthermore, our Liv community members find perspectives different from their own, enabling them to learn and grow together. This is one of many reason we have a diversity and inclusion team at Liv Multifamily to support all employees, as well. At the end of the day, Liv Multifamily is all for equality and believes equality is for all.

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