Inexpensive Hobbies

Since January is National Hobby Month, Liv Avenida Blog is here to help you find a new hobby to start enjoying! While it’s true that lots of hobbies require special equipment or supplies that can get pretty pricey fairly quickly, there are plenty of ways to spend your time that are perfectly affordable. Consider trying out one of the inexpensive hobbies we have on our minds for this year:

Listening to a New Podcast

If you haven’t yet joined the podcast train, it’s a great time to consider jumping on! Whether you’re looking for something to listen to on your commute to work, at the gym, or while you’re relaxing on the couch, there is bound to be a podcast out there for you. The nice thing is, there is a podcast for every mood. You might be looking for something funny, educational, mysterious, suspenseful, or short. Whatever it is, there’s something that is sure to get you hooked on podcasts.


Are you looking for a hobby that can result in a marketable skill? If so, learning to code may just be the route for you. While plenty of people pay for college degrees or fancy certificates to learn how to code, there’s plenty you can do from the comfort of your home for little to no money. If you have no exposure to coding at all, starting with Codeacademy is a great way to learn some of the basics. If you decide to turn this hobby into a more serious investment, Pluralsight offers personal subscriptions at competitive monthly prices!

Refinishing Furniture

For those of you who’d like to get your hands dirty a little bit, you might pick up a hobby of restoring furniture! While you’ll need to purchase some initial supplies, you’d be surprised at how inexpensive this hobby can be if you skip all the fancy tools. Rather than starting with a really nice piece of furniture to restore, start small on something you purchase at a low cost at your local thrift store, or on something you find for free on Craigslist. Knick of Time offers a great beginner’s guide to refinishing furniture that you’ll want to check out before you start!

Flower Pressing

Flower pressing is a fun way to explore nature and to preserve a little piece of what you found by turning it into art. Pick a beautiful destination near you to go on a walk in, and pay attention to any beautiful flowers or leaves you find there. Bring a few of your favorites home and press them in between the pages of a heavy book, and after a while, you’ll have some beautiful pressed flowers!

Are there any other hobbies you look forward to starting this year? Let our Chandler, AZ apartment community know by leaving a comment below! Thanks for reading, and have a great week.