International Picnic Day

Saturday, June 18th is International Picnic Day! Putting together the perfect picnic isnt so much about having a fancy meal but about having a great time with friends. We want to make sure that your next picnic is an event to remember. Here are a few tips: Plan ahead of time. Theres nothing less fun than a picnic no one shows up to. Make sure that you get all of your invites out ahead of time. Picnics with just a few close friends can maybe be planned on the flybut, as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Pick the perfect location. Fortunately, Liv Avenida is located in Chandler, AZ. Chandler has many beautiful parks to choose from, but remember, its best to pick a park that is close to home. No matter how cool that park twenty miles away is, your friends will probably resent being asked to travel far if its not a special occasion. Portable food is key. Your picnic can be simple a pizza from your favorite parlor or a rotisserie chicken from the local grocery store will do. Just make sure that its easy to transport whatever you plan on eating. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your dish will make it to the picnic in one piece. Pick the perfect watermelon. There are two ways to check if your watermelon is ready: the first is to look at the yellow splotch on the bottom of the watermelon. If the splotch is a pale yellow, keep lookingthat watermelon is still sour. If the splotch is the color of aged butter, youve got a winner. The second way to judge if your watermelon is ready is to listen to the sound your watermelon makes when you give it a good flick. A hollow-sounding melon is juicy and ready to eat! Be a responsible citizen. Chandler, AZ is a beautiful place. Lets keep it that way. Please remember to pick up after yourself when your picnic is over. Preserving the pristine beauty of our city is everyones responsibility. We hope that our tips have been useful. If you have any picnic tips for us, please leave a comment!