Last-Minute Wrapping Tips

Last week we talked about tips for last-minute shopping in Chandler, AZ, but the gift-giving process doesn’t stop there. Now is a perfect time to think about gift wrapping, so read this week’s blog for ways you can make the wrapping process go more smoothly in your own Liv Avenida apartment, especially if you’re wrapping last-minute.


Make a clean, easily accessible work space.
The gift-wrapping process doesn’t always take place in one convenient weekend afternoon. If you have many gifts you have to wrap this holiday season, you may find you have to set aside a time and space for wrapping that you can access when you need to, on-the-go. Keep it separate from your normal living situation — you definitely do not want scissors lying in the middle of the sofa — so that it doesn’t clutter your living room. But keep it near enough that you can still socialize with any roommates or guests you have over.


Use lists.

Remember the shopping list we talked about in last week’s blog? We hope you didn’t throw that away once you bought your gifts. That can be really useful in keeping track of your purchases (how sad would it be if you forgot about a gift and it stays in storage for years?). You can check off items you’ve wrapped and make note of where you stored them until it’s time to give them away and let the receiver open them.


Over-stock on supplies.

Wrapping paper and tape really shouldn’t disappear as quickly as they do, but be prepared for that by over-stocking. You can never have too much: even if you have loads left over, you can always save these supplies for next year’s celebrations, birthdays, or other gift-giving occasions. Let yourself get creative, too, while wrapping, if it helps you save on supplies. Use boxes to not only be the container but also to make odd-shaped items easier to wrap. Use gift bags, tissue paper, butcher paper, and newspaper if you don’t want to buy too many rolls of wrapping paper.



If watching your favorite holiday movie helps you feel calmer and more excited to wrap, do it! It will help you feel like you’re celebrating the holidays while staying productive. It can also help the time pass a little faster. If you like having company while watching these movies or wrapping, remember to ask a friend, family member, or neighbor to help you out to make the task more enjoyable and ease your workload.


What are some ways you make the gift-wrapping process easier and more streamlined? Let us know by leaving a comment! We hope you have a fun, stress-free time wrapping any gifts you have.