Making Eating Healthy Easier this Year

Last week we talked about some general methods for keeping track of and making progress toward accomplishing New Year’s resolutions. This week we want to help you reach the goal that countless of us have of eating healthy by giving you some tips and recipes, meal by meal, for healthy eating this year, in or outside of your Liv Avenida apartment in Chandler, AZ.



Start the day off right by making time for making the most important meal of the day nutritious and delicious. Breakfast can easily be made healthy. For a simple transition, opt for skim or 1% milk, and incorporate some granola, oatmeal, and healthy cereal options in between the days of sugary cereals. If you want to take bigger steps toward upping your protein intake, check out these high-protein breakfast recipes. If you find that you’re always rushing out the door sans healthy breakfast, try these healthy breakfasts for busy mornings or these healthy smoothies.



Avoid spending extra dough on going out to eat during your lunch break by preparing a tasty, healthy lunch the morning or even night before you’re to leave the apartment. Make salads exciting with this honey mustard chicken, avocado, and bacon salad, this apple pecan rosemary greek yogurt chicken salad, or this guacamole chicken salad recipe, which also promises to be quick, healthy, lean, and packed with protein.


Some of these lunches could fill you pretty easily, so be mindful of when your stomach is telling you it’s full and save the rest for later!



You could always finish up your lunches for dinner, but if you plan ahead as you shop and prepare your meals, you can make an even more varied, healthy, and yummy meal to look forward to at the end of the day. We think this grilled chilli lime chicken fajita salad looks promising and filling, as does this clean eating creamy sun-dried tomato chicken. If you want something without chicken, try this quinoa chili, these Mexican quinoa stuffed peppers, or this 20-minute lemon broccoli pasta.



Eating healthy meals is important, but sometimes easily accessible junk food in nearby vending machines can be your downfall. Keep your eating healthy game on point by preparing some yummy, guilt-free snacks you can munch on throughout the day. Check out the ideas in this blog post of healthy snacks you can make that incorporate the best of fruits, veggies, granola, chocolate, and more. If you’re into the idea of making fries out of almost anything, try this crispy baked avocado fries recipe. When in doubt, go for natural, portable options like apples, oranges, baby carrots, or even string cheese and yogurt.


What tips do you have for eating healthy? Let us know so we can try them. Good luck, and have fun!