Meal Prepping Tips

Take the stress out of making dinner by preparing all your meals for the week in advance! This practice will help you stay on top of your busy schedule and save you time when you don’t have enough time to cook a full-blown meal. Read on for some meal prepping tips from Liv Avenida Blog that just might make your life feel a little less hectic.

Make a Plan

The most important part of meal prepping is planning. Find recipes, get all the ingredients, and set a menu for what you will eat for dinner each night. It can be a lot of work, so plan a day when you can take time to prep everything for the upcoming week. Pick a day like Saturday or Sunday when your schedule is less busy and you can find time to get everything put together.

Stick to Your List

When you go out grocery shopping in Chandler, AZ, make sure you stick to your list and only get the items you absolutely need. This is easier to do if you avoid going grocery shopping when you are hungry. If you are hungry, it is often easier to impulse buy things that look good that you don’t actually need.

Invest in Food Storage Containers

If you are serious about meal prepping and you plan on sticking with it, then it might be a good idea to invest in food storage containers. Pick containers that close well, that are durable, and that will be easy to clean. Good quality storage containers will help keep your food fresh for longer. Clean and use them together so pieces don’t get lost or mismatched.

Freeze, Reheat, and Enjoy!

One of the greatest things about meal prepping is how quickly it makes putting a meal together when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. All the food is already cooked, so all that you need to do is defrost and reheat it and you have a complete meal! Be aware that some foods are better for this than others that dry out easily. Stay mindful of expiration dates, as well.


What is your favorite thing about meal prepping? Let us know in the comments. If you haven’t given meal prepping a shot, try it out this month in your apartment to see what you are missing!

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