October DIY

In this post, the Liv Avenida Blog has five different DIY projects to help you more fully embrace fall. The weather is getting at least a little cooler, the pumpkins are coming out, and apple-everything is in season. Celebrate the changing season by relaxing with a craft or two before the month is through. We hope you enjoy our post!


DIY Flannel Coasters from View from the Fridge

The nineties are never more in style than during the fall. DIY flannel coasters will help you embrace 90s cool all while protecting your coffee table and celebrating fall. You can’t ask for more than that.


Learn How to Paint Orange Pumpkins from Flower Patch Farmhouse

Last week was all about pumpkins on our blog. This week we’re still focusing on pumpkins, but this time we’re painting them instead of picking them. This is an easy and relaxing fall craft, perfect for the beginner crafter.


Fall Mason Jar Craft from Sugar Bee Crafts  

Fill your fall mason jar craft with candy or with candles for a delightful fall decoration. Sugar Bee Crafts outlines a leaf onto her jar, but feel free to make a jar using any number of iconic “fall” items—a witch’s hat, a broom, or a pumpkin would all be great options.


DIY Twig Letters from The Happy House

Glue twigs onto a craft store wooden letter for a rustic fall letter that is perfect for hanging on your front door in lieu of a wreath or propping up in your living room as a fall decoration. This easy craft requires a hot glue gun, some twigs, and a craft letter.


Pumpkins from scrubbing pads from My Soulful Home

We’ve got another pumpkin craft for you to enjoy. Can’t make it out to the pumpkin patch? Use scrubbing pads, twine, glue, and felt to create your own pumpkin. This craft is perfect if you need an easy centerpiece for fall.


Do you have any fall crafts for us to try out? Tell us about your favorite DIY in the comments, and we’ll try it out! Thanks for reading!