Organizing Your Kitchen

With summer finally here, your cupboards could probably use a makeover. Today, we’re sharing some great ideas to help you keep things organized in your Liv Avenida apartment. Having trouble organizing your kitchen pantry or counter space? We think these ideas can help!

  • Stacy and Charlie have some great organization ideas for the pantry. Did you look at the picture? We can’t believe how great it looks! Storage containers can be perfectly utilized in the pantry, depending on which size you choose. Just be sure to label the containers so you’ll know what’s in them.
  • Use mason jars to store items of all types, from yarn to matchsticks and sewing supplies. The clear glass makes it easy to see what’s inside, and it’s even more convenient because you can fill a whole shelf with the jars.
  • ​You can also put utensils on the counter in a pretty jar or vase. This will add functionality to your kitchen. Plus, a pretty vase on your counter is always a good idea!
  • ​If you only use your waffle maker once a year for your holiday breakfast or if your cake platters only get used on birthdays, consider moving these items to a closet or storage space. Put a turn-table in the fridge to make it easier to find condiments or sauces while cooking. Purchase stacking shelves to add almost double the space in your cupboards.
  • Be picky about what goes in your cupboards in the first place. Don’t keep large items that are taking up space. Clean out the pantry and fridge periodically so you have more space for fresh foods.Create a separate space for cleaning products, detergents, and soaps in order to keep them away from other foods and avoid contamination and spillage. 
  • Purchase a spoon rest for cooking — this will help keep the kitchen clean even while you might be making a mess.
Keeping your kitchen organized will save both time and space. It can even save money! If you can see exactly what is in your cupboards, shopping in Chandler, AZ will be much easier and more effective.
Filled containers for organizing a kitchen sitting on a counter.