Out with the Old

Fall is a time for new beginnings! Dont wait until April comes and spring cleaning begins to get a fresh start. This month the Liv Avenida Blog has organization tips to help you declutter and deep clean your apartment before winter begins. Were guessing, if youre like us, that youve collected quite a few things over the summer. From swim floats to tennis shoes to extra pairs of sunglasses...its easy for stuff to accumulate. While it may be tempting to avoid deep cleaning until spring, youll feel better during the fall and winter if you clean out your apartment! This will also make spring cleaning easier as there will be much less to clean when April comes around! There are many ways to start organizing your home or apartment, but were going to go over our favorite way to clean. We find it difficult to tackle a huge project all at once thats why the first thing we do when were cleaning our entire apartment is to divide up the tasks and then assign those tasks to different days during the week or month. Remember not to overwhelm yourself assign easier tasks to the weekdays and more difficult or time consuming tasks for the weekend. Once youve picked a space to clean, begin by removing everything from the area. Once youve removed everything, deep clean the space. Use your favorite cleaning products to make the area shine, vacuum the carpets, and move the furniture so that you can clean underneath. Then go through all of your things. Which items do you use regularly? Which items havent been touched in over a year? Throw away any item that has outlived its use and donate items that you dont think youll ever use again. Organize the remaining items in the way that makes most sense to you, whether its by shape, size, color, or utility. Use plastic bins, baskets, and other fun and unique storage solutions to finish organizing the space. Once youre done, move on to the next room or project. We hope youve enjoyed learning about some of our favorite cleaning tips! Do you have any tips for us? Leave us a comment and let us know. Thanks for reading!