Pantry Musts


Stocking your pantry can seem like an overwhelming, expensive, never-ending chore. Today the Liv Avenida Blog has ideas to make it easy, or at least doable! Try these tips and stock up on these things to keep in your pantry for a comprehensive stock of items you’ll actually use in your apartment kitchen here in Chandler, AZ.


Baking Supplies

This can include anything and everything under the sun, but some staples include baking powder, baking soda, flour, salt, sugar, brown sugar, confectioners sugar, honey, canned pumpkin puree (and other fillings for your favorite pies), cocoa powder, vanilla extract, corn starch, corn syrup, and dried fruit.


Herbs, Spices, and Flavoring

Having the right spices for your dishes can add not only a pretty garnish but that extra kick of flavor that makes a recipe stand out. Include basics such as garlic and onion powder, ground cumin, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, Italian seasoning mix, oregano, cloves, cream of tartar, ginger, paprika, rosemary, and anything else you love in your collection.


Pastas and Grains

Find whole-grain pastas, crackers, and breads to find healthier options, or simply go for the normal ones. Spaghetti and various types of noodles, and rice are important ingredients to have on hand for your meals.


Oils and Fats

Whether you’re cooking or baking with them or even using them for other household purposes, you’ll thank yourself for planning ahead when you stock up on oils like coconut oil, vegetable oil, and canola oil. Learn more about the 4 types of cooking oils you should have in your kitchen.


Fast Meals

It’s not always realistic to stick to a strict menu or to prepare a full-on meal. Busier nights often call for quick meals, and that’s ok! Decide what ingredients you need for your favorites. That may even include microwavable dinners. Have a variety of options to amp up the excitement and nutritional value.



Healthy snacks make all the difference for when you’re craving something to satisfy you after a hearty meal. Include things like nuts, low-fat popcorn, applesauce, granola bars, and anything else you love.


And don’t forget the fruits and veggies! As you put a few of these items into your grocery list each time you go, you can go about stocking your pantry with all the musts, low stress.


What tips do you have for cleaning, organizing, and stocking your pantry? What items do you think everyone should keep in theirs? Share your thoughts with the rest of us by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! We hope these ideas help.