6 Design Ideas to Add a Personal Touch to Your Apartment

Even though you're renting your apartment, it should feel like home to you. Personalizing your place transforms it into a space that you may call your own. However, don't risk losing your security deposit by making any permanent modifications (or worse). There are several high-end apartment décor ideas available to help you make your home feel truly yours.

1. Find a Style You Like

Taking a look at interior design catalogs or Pinterest is a wonderful place to begin customizing your apartment. Selecting an overall theme that appeals to you can assist you in making design and décor choices. It may also aid in the creation of the cohesiveness you desire for your home.

Design styles that can help you in making your apartment feel like it's yours include:

  • Traditional: The classic style of interior design is inspired by 18th and 19th century England and France, with elaborate furniture and fabrics such as silk, linen, and velvet.
  • Modern: Straight lines and sharp, clean edges are prevalent in modern homes. The color palettes are generally neutral, but complementary hues may be utilized. Natural materials and metals are more common in décor.
  • Boho/Bohemian: Boho design is often associated with a free-spirited aesthetic, yet it incorporates influences from many cultures and artistic genres. While natural imagery is prominent, vibrant colors or large prints are not uncommon.
  • Coastal: Coastal settings are light and airy, with textiles such as linen and jute. The color scheme is influenced by the seaside, with examples including sand white and beige or sky blue.
  • Eclectic: While it has some parallels with boho, the eclectic style is somewhat more refined. The décor items are less natural and more planned, and the color palette is usually more neutral.

The best thing about design types is that you don't have to stick to just one. Some combinations look great together. The modern style, for example, is extremely flexible. You may use a basic style as a foundation for your décor and design ideas to produce a lovely appearance that's all yours.

2. Make the Space More Colorful

Adding a pop of color to your living space may make it feel more unique. The most typical technique to do this is to paint the walls. However, if you're renting an apartment, you'll want to verify with the manager first whether it's permitted and if you have to repaint the walls back to their original hue before leaving.

If your community does not allow painting, or you are not comfortable doing it, removable wallpaper or wall decals can help. Both of these options offer a way to create an accent wall or totally change the tone of a room. Furthermore, they won't damage the walls and you won't have to worry about repainting if you decide to move.

What if you don't want to cover your walls with anything? Don't worry; you still have a number of choices for adding bursts of color that show your individuality, such as:

  • Throw pillows and throw blankets
  • Lampshades
  • Towels (kitchen and bath)
  • Plants
  • Wall art and pictures
  • Rugs
  • Accessories like vases, decorative bowls, and other small items

3. Add a Mix of Textures

Textures have a big effect on the appearance and feel of your apartment, in addition to color. It's more than just how things feel, though. It's also about their "weight" and how they reflect light. Thick, coarse textures absorb more light than smooth or shiny ones. They can make a space seem warmer and cozier.

You can use various textures to build depth in your space. It's an art that also contributes to the overall aesthetic of your apartment. For example, light-colored soft linens, plush blankets, and natural wood grains combine to form a cohesive farmhouse atmosphere.

4. Employ Mirrors

Mirrors may not be able to tell you who the fairest of them all is, but they can still perform some amazing magic on their own. Smaller rooms might feel larger when strategically positioned mirrors are used. They can also reflect light to brighten your home. It's a very useful trick in any room size, even open areas.

Mirrors are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and forms. Choose mirrors that match the style trends in your home to keep the appearance you want for your space.

5. Personalize Around Your Routine

Customizing your luxury apartment isn't only about making it appear and feel a particular way. You may have a flawlessly-conceived seaside interior, but it's worth nothing if you don't enjoy seaside interiors!

Making your home work for you is an important component of building a space that reflects your personality. Keep in mind your daily routine when arranging things. Consider adding a little table with a bowl for your keys or a coat hook for your jacket, bag, or dog leash if you like having things close to the front door that you use frequently when going out.

6. Liven Up the Place with Greenery

Live plants are fantastic in an apartment. They provide a lovely burst of color and texture, among other things. They may also be utilized to compliment natural-based design styles such as country and seaside.

When picking houseplants, consider things like where they'll be placed, how much light they'll receive, and the temperature of the area. Certain plants thrive in apartments than others, including spider plants, pothos, and zebra plants. You should also think about your pets. Some houseplants are hazardous for cats and dogs, such as aloe, amaryllis, and begonias, so make sure anything you bring home won’t harm your four-legged friends if they have an ill-advised snack.

The Best Design is the One You Like

While you're living in your rented apartment, it's important to make it feel yours. It's your home, so make it feel safe, pleasant, and reflect your style. There are many creative apartment décor ideas that allow you to express yourself without making permanent changes and risking your deposit. Consider your surroundings for ideas. Many of the Liv Multifamily communities are located in the southwest, so Southwestern, Santa Fe, or even Western decor may be a good fit! So have fun with it and make it your own.

Are you searching for a luxury apartment to call your own? With optional barrier-free floor plans, granite worktops, and large living rooms, Liv makes planning easier. You'll receive so much more than simply a well-designed apartment. A cohesive neighborhood with resort-style amenities will help you live your life to the fullest. Visit Liv and schedule your tour today!

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