Pet Costumes to Try this Year

Including your pet in your festivities is a great way to give them the exercise, love, and attention they need and deserve. Put in quality time with your pet this Halloween by dressing them in something sweet or clever, whether you’re receiving trick-or-treaters in your Liv Avenida apartment, going out on the town in Chandler, AZ, or heading to a pet-friendly home for a party elsewhere.

Raptor Dinosaur Dog

If you’re a fan of dinosaurs, help your pet embrace their wild side by dressing them up in this costume! Do as @trisarahtops137 on Instagram did and dress up as your favorite character from Jurassic Park to complete the look.


Turn your dog into one of Tim Burton’s iconic movie characters. We have to admit, this costume is much more adorable than the actual character!

Beanie Baby Pet

This costume is super simple, smart, and sweet! Throw it back to your childhood this Halloween by cuddling up with your favorite life-size beanie baby. Just fold up some cardboard, cut out a heart shape, and paste some colored paper cutouts to form the classic tag. Tie it to your pet’s collar or tie a makeshift collar around their neck to secure it. You could even do this with the Scooby-Doo tag, if that’s where your heart lies!

A Purrrfect Queen

Is your cat the one in charge in your apartment? Well, now they can be with this adorable Queen Robe Pet Costume. This crocheted cape and crown are the perfect outfit to match your cat’s “royal” attitude. Just be sure to find yourself some comfy servant clothes to wear while hand feeding them!

Are you planning on dressing up with your pet? Leave your favorite pet costume ideas in the comments! We’re excited to see you and your pets and loved ones having fun this Halloween.

Dog costumed in a blue & white striped shirt playing a ukelele