Place Settings for a Stunning Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine’s Day is this week! Now is the time to finalize your plans with your loved ones here in Chandler, AZ. Make those reservations if you haven’t already — or skip the hassle altogether and make a delicious dinner in an intimate setting at your Liv Avenida apartment! Whether you’re cooking for one, two, or many, spice things up by putting together a table setting. Try one of these ideas!


Woodsy Romantic Valentine’s Day Setting from DigsDigs

Who says a table setting has to be formal, dark, and stuffy? This setting gives an airy, light feel to the table, and it doesn’t have to cost you much of anything! Mimic the idea by getting a pink tablecloth, paper plates, branches for a clear vase or mason jar, mini wood logs, and some Scrabble pieces to spell out a fun message. Top the setting with a folded napkin and a note tied with string for a relaxed but still put-together look.


Blooming Place Card Setting from Martha Stewart

The 14th slide in Martha Stewart’s slideshow for Valentine’s Day flowers is simple, sweet, and personal. As the site describes, “fold a 3-by-8-inch piece of card stock in half, inscribe it with a name, and cut a small hole in the crease. Trim a rose stem to 2 ½ inches; slide it through the hole. Place in a plastic floral tube.” This idea also works if, instead of a one-on-one date, you’re hosting a get-together with friends and you want to add a touch of fanciness to the table.


Very Very Valentines Table from Purple Chocolat Home

Go all out for someone who loves the romance of Valentine’s Day by decking your table in red-handled silverware, red plates, red glasses, red napkins, and a box of chocolates to welcome your guest or date to the table. Layer in some white plates or napkins to add contrast to the setting, and add white or red candles in differing heights to amp up the romance!


What are your favorite ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day? Are you staying in for the big night? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading. Happy Valentine’s Day!