Pool Safety Principles to Live By

One of the many apartment community amenities residents at Liv Avenida appreciate is access to our saltwater heated pools and spas. Cooling down with a dip in the pool is a necessity here in Chandler, AZ, so today we wanted to remind you of some important pool safety tips to remember all year long.


Protect your skin.

Getting a tan is one appealing aspect of the summer sun, but beware of the risks of sun damage! Take care of your skin and apply sunscreen before you head out into the heat. Especially if you’re easily susceptible to sunburns, you might even want to apply sunscreen periodically throughout the day if you’re going to be spending long amounts of time at the pool. Read the Huffington Post’s five reasons you should always wear sunscreen if you need extra convincing.


Stay aware of small dangers.

Lounging in the pool is fun and relaxing, so help it stay that way for you and others by practicing proper etiquette and being mindful of your surroundings. Going to the pool may be second nature to you, but remain aware of how things could go wrong so you can continue having a successful experience at the swimming pool. So remember to walk when you’re in the pool area, and never run. Stay away from jets, suction outlets, and drains so clothing or hair doesn’t get caught in them. These and other small actions will all contribute to a successful trip to the pool.


Educate yourself.

If you don’t know how to swim, there’s no time like the present to learn! Even learning the basics can help you feel confident at all times at the pool. The same goes for performing CPR or planning how you may react in case of another emergency. You may not need to do anything life-saving, but having the knowledge of how to do so in case you or someone else gets caught in a tough situation can help you swim smart and confident.


We hope you have a great time at our pools this month and on! Share your favorite swimming pool games with the rest of us by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading!