Self-Improvement Week 3: Dealing with Challenges

As much as we look for good things to do in our lives and positive mindsets to adapt, keeping up with your aspirations on your journey of self-improvement is not easy! There are always going to be ups and downs. Today we’re focusing on how to deal with challenges or more negative aspects of your life to make room for growth in or out of Chandler, AZ.

Avoid or deal with negative people.

Often the people we surround ourselves with aren’t lifting us up; instead, they’re dragging us down. Consider your relationships and do what you can to fix them appropriately. It starts with open and honest communication (focus on statements about how you feel, not accusations about what they did, however accurate it may be), and it requires a lot of empathy and patience, which the other person may or may not have developed very well.

So be open to change, but draw boundaries for what is acceptable and what’s not and remember that sometimes you may need some space to de-escalate a situation or to maintain your mental health — and that’s ok!

Practice healthy coping mechanisms.

How you cope with the struggles of life has an impact on your mental and physical health and even on your finances or relationships with other people. Do your best to take control of how you respond to the stressors of life by learning about healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms and making a concerted effort to move past any unhealthy ones and to try healthy ones.

Replace bad habits with good ones.

Bad habits are hard to kick, so don’t beat yourself up or give up entirely if you slip and go back to your old ways occasionally. Focus on improving each day and establishing healthy habits instead. Reward yourself occasionally and try to keep your eye on a lifestyle change for lasting effects. And don’t dismiss getting professional help if needed! It may change your life for the better.

Learn and let go.

People hurt us, and sometimes forgiving or moving on from that can weigh heavily on us. Situations, humans, and feelings are complex and nuanced, so there may not necessarily be one cure for everyone. But validating your feelings and experiences (with a therapist, religious leader, trusted friend, or even for yourself) and trying to find something to learn from a situation can help you find a way to move on, a better person.

What helps you cope healthily with the struggles of life? How do you deal with any of the points above? Let the rest of the Liv Avenida apartment community know in the comments. Good luck!

Couple hugging