Service Ideas to Try

Finish up the month of February doing something good for the people you come across here in Chandler, AZ. Today the Liv Avenida Blog has a few suggestions for ways you can serve in or out of the apartment community to help you get in the habit of spreading goodness all year long.



“Donating” can mean anything, and we love that freedom! It gives you the room to be creative and do something meaningful to you and appropriate for your time, resources, desires, and skills. Remember that your efforts don’t have to be part of an official movement or campaign to affect lives. Whether you donate your time to visit a friend or neighbor, donate your skills to teach a friend something, donate your money to a worthy cause, or donate your blood at a local blood drive, you can make a difference.


Pick up litter and garbage.

A simple way to beautify our community is to clean up trash in the streets or at a local park. It can make a big difference and take a short amount of time. If you’re worried about germs, keep some disposable gloves and hand sanitizer or cleansing wipes on you so you can do your part without stress.


Make food for a friend or neighbor.

Do you know anyone who may need a lift in their spirits? Make them a sweet treat, or even cook them dinner. This can especially be important and meaningful for people who are going through a hard time, physically or emotionally, or who simply may not be able to do a ton of cooking themselves. Talk with people you know in the community to find out who might need help! If the person needs help that may last a bit of time like a couple of weeks, recruit friends and sort out a schedule of you each making a meal for certain days.


What are your favorite ways to serve? How do you manage to fit it into your busy schedule? Share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments. Good luck! We hope you have fun and find fulfillment serving.