Spring Cleaning Week 1: Decluttering


Welcome back to the Liv Avenida Blog! Last month on the blog, we featured different ways to celebrate and get inspired by women and Women’s History Month. We want to continue with a month of themed posts, so this month we are turning to spring cleaning!


Spring definitely isn’t the only time you can clean or deep clean your apartment, but if you want to give yourself a fresh start for the new season, make now the time you choose to bring extra sparkle and shine to your apartment here in Chandler, AZ. Follow our tips each week (starting with decluttering today!) for a low-stress month of cleaning.


First, take a walk through your apartment.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and like you have to put away everything all at once in every room as you’re striving to declutter, but you can actually do this seamlessly if you keep yourself focused. So grab a large basket or bin (like an empty laundry basket) and go through each room with the mindset of just removing what doesn’t belong. Don’t let yourself get distracted by cleaning or putting things away just yet. Just remove things. Keep a trash bag with you, as well, either hanging on an edge of the basket or elsewhere, so you can throw away trash as you go.


Once you’ve gone through each room and you can’t see any more papers, trinkets, or other items cluttering up the counters and floors, you can then focus on organizing.



You’ve probably already heard of this mantra, but every item in your apartment should have a home if you want to stay organized and eliminate potential future clutter buildup. Decide which items (cooking supplies, for example) should be tucked away out of sight or which ones might be fine resting on the counter. Create a system for organizing important documents and put them in files or folders out of sight. Use labels if you need help keeping track!



Sometimes the things that are making your home feel cluttered are things you’re meaning to decorate with but that you never get around to doing. Once you’re finished putting things away, focus on what you can do with other items that deserve to be displayed. Hang frames, decorate your shelves, or finish up a craft project to make your home look extra beautiful and put-together.


What are your best tips for clearing the clutter or going through the documents in your apartment to help you focus on cleaning other things? Share your tips with us in the comments! We hope these ideas help. Thanks for reading! Good luck!