Spring Cleaning Week 2: Taking Care of Main Chores


We hope you’ve had a successful first week of April here in Chandler, AZ, especially as you’ve focused on cleaning and decluttering your Liv Avenida apartment! Today we’re back to the cleaning grind, turning our attention to those bigger cleaning tasks that will get your home looking and feeling fresh. Follow along for a guide of what to cover.


Set a schedule.

Sure, you may be following a weekly schedule of spring cleaning in general, but when it comes to tackling larger tasks, having a daily schedule of what you can clean can help you compartmentalize your task so you’re not overwhelmed by needing to do everything in one day. Of course, if doing it all in one day works for you, go for it! Choose your pace, but if you want to do it one day at a time, we’ve got you covered!


Start with the bathroom.

Cleaning the bathroom can be one of the more grimy and less pleasant places to clean, so it’s a good idea to get it over with first. Gather up your bathroom cleaning supplies and get to work! Spray your shower and toilet first and do another chore, like cleaning your mirrors, while you wait for the cleaning to take effect. (Just be aware of any chemicals that may leave stains if left on too long.)


Use a scrubber with a long handle to scrub the walls of your shower and rinse with a spray bottle or your shower head. Then scrub and rinse or wipe down your toilet and sink. It may be tiring, but then you can finish with easier tasks, like sweeping the floors.


Then go chore by chore.

The bathroom is one of those places you should clean all at once, but other rooms can be cleaned chore by chore so you can focus on one thing at a time. For example, similarly to how you decluttered each room all at once, you can also go room by room wiping down counters and surfaces, focusing on cleaning stainless steel, and vacuuming or mopping.


What are your best tips or cleaning supplies for cleaning main rooms like bathrooms and living areas? Let us know in the comments so we can all benefit! Thanks for reading.