Spring Cleaning Week 4: Minding the Details


Deep cleaning your home in Chandler, AZ can be a big undertaking, but if you’ve been following along with the guides on the Liv Avenida Blog, we hope you’ve been able to pace yourself reasonably. It’s now time to tune in on the details. Take each of these areas a day at a time to make it more manageable.


Clean appliances and furniture.

If you didn’t clean these parts of your home while you were completing other chores, now is a great time to do it! Follow this checklist for cleaning kitchen appliances for making sure you clean them safely and thoroughly. Don’t forget smaller appliances, too. Unplug and turn over toasters to empty out crumbs and clean out your microwave.


And take out the cushions of your furniture to deep clean those, as well, removing anything that can’t be vacuumed up and then vacuuming or cleaning your upholstery as needed.


Disinfect touch points.

Your hands touch plenty of things throughout the day, so it’s important to not only wash them often but to disinfect spots of your home that you regularly (or even not so regularly) touch. These areas include doorknobs, blinds, light switches, cupboards and handles, your phone, and more.



Dust gathers everywhere, so clean those spots you may overlook, like tops of ceiling fans, blinds, frames, lights, shelves, baseboards, and anything else you can think of. Your house will sparkle and you can rest easy knowing you’re breathing clean air once you’re finished!


Detail the floors.

The appearance and state of the floors in your apartment can have a big impact on how your home looks and feels, so make them shine this week. Vacuum the edges and corners of the room, take care of stains, and mop surfaces to keep them sparkling and clean.


Upkeep your home.

Of course, living leaves a mark — and that’s ok! Do what you can to stay on top of upkeep by setting and sticking to a schedule of when you’ll clean these and other areas of your home again so dirt and grime don’t build up and so you can easily spot clean as you go.



So this isn’t an area to clean, but it’s important to remember! You’ve done a lot of cleaning this month, so treat yourself to something fun or enjoyable, like a movie or your favorite dessert, and rest up so you can enjoy your home.


What other details are important to give attention to while you’re focusing on spring cleaning? Let us know what we’ve missed by leaving a comment! Thanks for following along with our guide to spring cleaning. We hope these tips and ideas make deep cleaning easier and more effective for you all year long.