Summer Pet Care Tips

You and your pet are probably already feeling the summer heat here in Chandler, AZ, but you can do a lot of things to beat the heat and stay more comfortable in your apartment here at Liv Avenida. Read today’s blog for some summer pet care tips.


Stay aware of the effects of the heat.

You may be able to know when you’re feeling dehydrated or hot, but sometimes it’s easy to forget to notice the signs that your pet is feeling the same way. Learn common symptoms for dehydration and heat stroke and pay attention to your pet’s health. Always keep plenty of water easily accessible to your pet, and take extra measures to groom and bathe your pet if they need some cooling down. Ask your vet for specific tips on how much you should cut your pet’s fur if you think that could help.


Beware of summer insects.

Pesky bugs, bees, fleas, and ticks are common in the summer, and they can be bothersome and harmful for your pet. If you’re new to checking for fleas and ticks, ask your veterinarian for advice on how to do it and which flea combs might be best. Your vet can also give you tips for preventing problems with bugs or treating things like bites, stings, and fleas.


Take it easy.

Make simple changes to your schedule that can help you meet your pet’s needs in a way that is comfortable but still convenient for the both of you this summer. That may mean getting up to walk your pet earlier or later than normal so you can avoid the harshest rays of the sun, or it could simply mean taking more breaks on your walks, especially for pets with shorter muzzles, who can’t pant as efficiently as other animals. Taking it easy also means walking in the shade and avoiding hot, dark pavement that could burn your pet’s paws. Consider getting a pet water bottle to keep your pet in the habit of drinking water even when they’re away from the water dish at home.


What are your best summer pet care tips? Share your suggestions with us in the comments. Thanks for reading!