Summer Swimming Pool Games

Into the pool everyone! It’s time for some summer fun, and we’ve got some games to liven things up. Our guess is that everyone has participated in Mermaid Races, Dolphin Races, or any other names there might be for swimming underwater to see who can go the furthest, but have you tried any other games? We here at Liv Avenida Blog have some other game suggestions to keep your summer pool time exciting:

Shark in the Pool

How about a tag game? Shark in the Pool is a favorite. The shark is “it” and tries to tag the other players when they are in the water. When the shark does successfully tag another fish (swimmer) that fish becomes the shark. Another variation is to have the fish line up on one side of the pool with the shark out in the water. The goal for the fish is to reach the other side of the pool. The goal is for the shark to catch the fish. Once a fish has been tagged by the shark, that fish becomes a shark too, and then together they try to capture the other fish. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Treasure Hunt

You can never go wrong with a round of this game. Simply get a roll of quarters, or even dollar coins if you are feeling generous, and toss them in the pool a few at a time. Swimmers compete to get to the coins first, and the winners keep whatever treasure they get to first. Another variation of this game is to gather a collection of diving toys, each one with a corresponding prize. Prizes can be listed beforehand, or they can be a surprise. This is a fun pool party game.

Marco Polo

What kind of pool party would it be without a game of Marco Polo? The game is essentially Blind Man’s Bluff, played in the pool, with the person who is “it” closing their eyes and calling out “Marco,” to which the other players answer “Polo” while the blinded Marco tries to find them. For anyone who can’t remember the specifics of gameplay, take a second to glance over these Marco Polo rules.

Thanks for reading this week’s post. May your summer afternoons at the pool be filled with fun here in Chandler, AZ! It’s time to get out of the apartment and enjoy the sun!

four children jumping into a swimming pool