Swimming Pool Games

Last week on the Liv Avenida Blog we covered some important pool safety tips to keep in mind as you’re enjoying our saltwater heated pools just steps from your apartment. Today we want to help you continue enjoying this great amenity at your home here in Chandler, AZ, so we’re offering you some swimming pool games you may love!


Marco Polo: In this classic game, one person is the designated “Marco” and everyone else in the group is “Polo.” The Marco must close their eyes and call “Marco,” to which the rest of the group yells “Polo!” Marco will swim around the pool, trying to find and tag the elusive Polos. If a Polo gets tagged, they become the new Marco.


Sharks and Minnows: One person is the Shark, lurking in the middle of the pool, and the rest of the players are the Minnows. The Minnows must try to swim past the shark without being tagged. If they are tagged, they become sharks and must help the main Shark capture more Minnows. The last Minnow standing becomes the Shark in the next round.


Popsicle: This is freeze tag for the swimming pool. When the person that is “it” tags you, you must stand straight with your hands over your head — like a popsicle. Players who are underwater can unfreeze the frozen players and cannot be tagged themselves.


Octopus: This game is a lot like “Sharks and Minnows,” only the players tagged by the “Octopus” must link hands and try to entrap the other players in their snare. If you are trapped, you must link onto the chain. The last player standing will become the Octopus in the next round.


It’s going to be a hot summer here in Chandler, so we hope that our residents take advantage of our pool this summer.


What are your favorite pool games? Let us know in the comments!