Three Fun Games for Game Night

Your apartment at Liv Avenida is the perfect spot for hosting some guests. Get to know your neighbors or friends better by inviting them over for a game night. Today on the blog we’re featuring a few games you can play for a fun time bonding with your friends.



You don’t actually need to buy a specific game of decks to play this game. All you need is as many card decks as there are players (or half as many, if you’d like to pair up and play in teams of two). Each player essentially plays Solitaire and tries to score positive points by building cards on top of Aces of the proper suit in the middle of the group. Whoever gets rid of the 13 cards from their Nertz pile first calls “Nertz!” and ends the round. Each player gets a negative point for how many cards they still have in their Nertz pile. Tally up the points by dealing out the cards to their owners, and play as many rounds as you wish. We suggest you see who can get to 100 points first!



If you or your fellow game night-goers love to namedrop, this is the perfect game to include in your evening’s lineup. This card game requires that people draw two cards and name a person or character that fits the specific combination. The goal is to collect the most cards, so brush up on your history or pop culture before playing! This game easily accommodates large or small groups.


Pass It On

You don’t have to be an artist (and you don’t even need a lot of equipment) to play this game! You can print out the template on this website, or you can simply use paper and pens to play this artistic twist on the classic “Telephone” game. Each person starts their paper by writing a phrase or word combination on their paper. Then they fold it over and pass it to the next person, who will draw what was written. They fold it again so the next person can only see their drawing, and the person following writes down their description of the image on the paper. Keep doing this until there’s no room left for each player’s papers, and then unveil the results!


What are your favorite games to play with a group of friends? Let us know in the comments so we can try them out! Thanks for reading. Have fun!